where i’ve been, where i’m heading

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First of all, welcome to my new website here on WordPress! My blog was originally on Wix but I wasn’t the biggest fan of that platform so here I am starting fresh on this site. For those of you who visited my previous blog you will recognize that I transferred my previous blog posts to this site and the sad thing is, it’s been over a month since my last blog post! That leads me to the first part of the title of this post… where have I been?

Well, a lot has happened in this time that I’ve been absent on my blog including sorority recruitment, the start of my sophomore year of classes at FSU (with a new major no less!), a hurricane, and an impromptu trip to Mississippi with the best roommates under the sun.

Here’s a little glimpse at my hectic life as of lately:

Sorority Recruitment


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Mississippi Trip

Nothing like a good old state sign


With the roomies!

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Reed’s Department Store in historic Tupelo


Such a tourist


Saw this in Tupelo… idk I thought it was cool


ok so where am I heading?

I wanted to make a blog for a long time and I’m not ready to abandon this baby yet. I have a lot of great ideas in the works for Prepped Up and you’ll just have to stick around to see what’s to come! I will say that I have an exciting collaboration planned with Kristen, a fellow blogger at FSU (go check out her blog–it’s amazing!!) and many other posts in mind. My goal is to have an average of one new post a week but I will be a lot more active on my blog’s Instagram from now on and you can follow along here. Have any ideas for future blog posts? Please let me know!



flamingos like coffee

If you live in Florida or have ever lived in Florida then you know that the summers bring rain EVERY. AFTERNOON. So what better place to go to than a cozy indie coffeeshop to beat the summer’s spontaneous torrential downpours? Stardust Coffee is a spot located just outside of Winter Park in Orlando and has no shortage of unique charm. I would definitely recommend stopping by if you looking for something a little bit different. 

 I don’t know about you but on dark rainy days I usually prefer wearing bright colors to add a little cheeriness to my outfit. This top from Reef Boutique (a local Tallahassee boutique) definitely does the trick. I loooove  prints with little animals on them and the flamingos on this top are super cute. Even though it’s been pretty hot and humid outside, I chose to pair this top with edgier ripped jeans from American Eagle. I just like the way this top looks with pants more than shorts just because it’s so flowy. My shoes are the brand Crown Vintage (buy here) and I discovered them this summer at DSW. I’ve really been into more strappy and gladiator sandals lately and this pair is super comfy and easy to slip on. I opted for my Rebecca Minkoff MAC bag, the newest bag in my collection that I’m obsessed with. It’s the perfect size and to be honest I’m kind of jealous of how photogenic it is I mean take a look for yourself.

 Finally, huge shout out to my good friend Maddie Parish for going on this photoshoot excursion with me. She’s seriously the best. If you love her photography as much as I do then you HAVE to go follow her Disney Photography Instagram, here.


beauty favorites { july 2017 edition }

One of my favorite type of blog posts is when people discuss the beauty products they have been loving throughout the month so naturally I felt inclined to do the same, after all, imitation is the highest form of flattery! Anyway here are 7 beauty products I’ve either discovered during the month of July or have been using on a consistent basis throughout the month and absolutely LOVE. 

1. Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+ Foundation


When I first started wearing makeup it took me forever to find a foundation that accomplished everything I was looking for. I first started using Estee Lauder’s infamous Double Wear foundation a couple of years ago and after that I refused to try/wear any other foundations. I guess you could say I’m a creature of habit but then enter in Mat Velvet+. First of all, it’s lighter on the skin which if you have ever used the Double Wear foundation or read/seen reviews on it then you know how heavy that product is. I also like the foundation’s finish on my skin a lot and the fact that it comes in a squeeze bottle makes it a lot easier to control how much product comes out. I’m not saying I’m never wearing Double Wear again but I’m definitely glad I stepped out of my foundation comfort zone and purchased this product.


2. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in shade ‘paaarty’


I’ve never been that into blush. In fact, I didn’t wear it for the longest time since I was so self-conscious of my acne back in high school and I was afraid that it would bring out the redness in my skin. I only owned a few blushes and had always heard about the Amazonian Clay blushes but didn’t think they would be worth spending the money on since I didn’t really wear blush as I mentioned. Well, this year Sephora decided to bless their Beauty Insider Members with a mini blush (and lip paint that I will mention in the next bullet point!) as part of their exclusive birthday gift that seriously changed the blush game for me. This has now become an everyday staple for me and I love everything about it– the packaging, the effortless application, the super flattering shade. It’s everything I could ask for in a blush and you best believe that when I finish up this little sample I will be marching into Sephora and picking up the full size (and maybe in a few other shades…).


3. Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint


Also part of this year’s complimentary Beauty Insider birthday gift from Sephora, this lip product blew me away. First of all, the shade is perfect. It’s neutral enough that you can wear it everyday but it’s also pink enough that it doesn’t look like you’re wearing concealer on your lips. The consistency is unlike anything I’ve ever tried. It’s lighter than a liquid lipstick, less waxy-feeling than a traditional tube lipstick, and not sticky like a lipgloss. Really the best way to describe is, fittingly enough, is as a paint. While it isn’t 100% budge proof, it definitely sticks around on your lips for a while. 


4. Tarte Tartelette Tease Palette


Okay, okay, I know!! Another product from Tarte I’m loving right now? I guess this is the moment you’d be guessing this post was sponsored by Tarte if I was actually a famous and well-established blogger but unfortunately both are not the case– it’s just that Tarte is a really great makeup brand. I kind of bought this palette on a whim since it was part of one of their recent summer sales that my best friend (you know who you are) told me about. Besides the obvious cute packaging, this palette is a fantastic choice for traveling. It’s super compact and has everything you need to create a beautiful eye look. One of the best impulse purchases I have made, no doubt…


5. Milani Bronzer XL All Over Glow in shade ‘Bronze Glow’


I actually purchased this bronzer a few months ago but I don’t know how I could’ve gone this summer without such a great bronzer in my arsenal of makeup. Milani is probably most known for their gorgeous baked blushes but this bronzer is just as excellent.  The pan is so large that you can really go to town with your brush and give your skin that sun-kissed tan it deserves. Also, a huge plus is that it’s cheap! Go hit up a Target or Walgreens and pick one up and I promise you won’t be disappointed. 


6. Too Faced Shadow Insurance


At this point I’ve tried a handful of different high-end eyeshadow primers. Living in Florida, primers, setting sprays, and blotting powders are a must at ALL times. I used to use Urban Decay’s Primer Potion which worked pretty well but would eventually crease by the end of a long day. Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance goes above and beyond. With this primer I can put my eyeshadow on at 8:00 am and even by 11:00 pm it will still be creaseless. So worth the money. 


7. Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder


If you have never heard of “baking” your face or tried “baking, you HAVE to watch this video. Essentially, baking your face is the process of setting your under-eye concealer with a heavy application of loose translucent powder and letting it sit on your face for a few minutes before swiping the excess off your face and making your under-eye area not only appear brighter but also making your concealer last longer throughout the day. One of my favorite beauty Youtubers, Tati swears by this powder. Ever since I used it to bake (I know this sounds so silly…) I’ve become hooked. I feel like this helps me to really mask my dark circles and just look a lot more well-rested and isn’t that something we could all use a little bit more of these days??


– Laura

off the shoulder showdown

Walk into a Forever 21 or your favorite local boutique and there’s one trend you’re guaranteed to come face to face with- off the shoulder tops and dresses! Now this trend isn’t exactly new but it’s one of my favorites. Off the shoulder tops give you a chance to show off that summer tan of yours (or lack thereof) and are super easy to throw on when getting dressed for a hot day but still wanting to look a bit more polished. I’ve curated a collection of 5 very cute off the shoulder tops from some of my favorite places to shop.


This bright pink top features lots of cute detailing and would be perfect to pair with a pair of white denim shorts.


Another trend I’ve been in love with is the palm leaf print. I can’t help but think of a luxurious vacation in Palm Beach (doesn’t that sound amazing?) when I look at this top– and it’s only $15!


I’ve never been one to wear yellows or gold mustard shades like this but for some reason I have recently been attracted to those colors. With it’s warm golden hue and ruffle sleeves, this top is perfect for both the summer and the early days of fall. 


You can’t go wrong with gingham! Not much else to say about this cute top…


This top is definitely not for everyone but I think the bright white and colorful tassels are so fun! Not to mention this is part of Kate aka Lonestar Southern‘s new collection with one of my favorite boutiques, The Impeccable Pig. I love Kate and I draw so much inspiration from her blog, so definitely check hers out. 


welcome to my blog + 15 quick facts about me


Hi, I’m Laura! If you are just stumbling upon my blog, I would like to personally welcome you to a project I’ve been wanting to pursue for a long time. I am so excited to be entering the blogosphere and I look forward to creating content that I hope you will enjoy. Most of my posts will be fashion/style, beauty, college, and lifestyle related so be sure to stick around if any of those topics interest you!

To quickly introduce myself I thought it would be fun to create a list of 15 basic facts about me- so here we go!

1. I was born and raised in Orlando, FL in Winter Park but unfortunately Disney won’t let me live in Cinderella’s Castle

2. I’m a student at Florida State University

3. I love music and have been singing for as long as I can remember in choirs and even an a cappella group

4. My three favorite cities I’ve visited (in no particular order): Boston, MA, Eugene, OR, and Asheville, NC

5. The first time I saw snow wasn’t until I was 17

6. I have a huge sweet tooth. What I would do for a Klondike bar…

7. I’d describe my style as a classy fusion of preppy and trendy

8. As cliche as it may sound, I love volunteering at my local animal shelter

9. I’m totally a morning person

10. Didn’t drink coffee until college and now I can’t get enough of it. Coffee > tea (sorry, tea)

11. I’m in a sorority at FSU (Alpha Omicron Pi!)

12. I’m a sucker for positive quotes

13. I love decorating and HGTV shows are one of my guilty pleasures…

14. Could you tell my favorite colors are teal and gold??

15. Finally, this isn’t a fact but thank you for making it through my first post!

Be sure to check back soon for forthcoming posts!